"Let's Make It Happen" (Baltimore #Song4Unity) (RADIO EDIT)

by #Song4Unity

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"Let's Make It Happen" (Baltimore #Song4Unity)
c. 2016, All Rights Reserved.
Find out more: www.facebook.com/song4unity

All proceeds go directly to #SaveADopeBoy, www.saveadopeboy.com
For more information on your donation, please contact Tiffany Welch, saveadopeboy@gmail.com

Watch on YouTube: youtu.be/wsCpHReekSY
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"Let's Make It Happen" (Baltimore #Song4Unity)
c. 2016

Turned the TV on the other day (QueenEarth)
Saw that my city was up in flames (Ria Lillie)
Cars burn, glass shattered, police on the street (Woody Lissauer)
Tell me how did it get this way? (Brooks Long)

Black and white and green divide us (Aileen Sabira)
Neighborhoods are turning into war zones (SONiA)
Feels like my city’s pacing it’s own cage (Andrew Walen)
We’re not even safe in our own homes (Janice B.)

Brothers dying, Mothers crying
Stop the violence, End the silence NOW

Let’s make it better, Stand up today
Let’s make it happen, There is a way
We can unite our hearts with love

Helpless, homeless without love inside (Teporah)
People all around us living in pain (Mosno Al-Moseeki)
Everyone's talking no one’s listening (Deborah "Spice" Kleinmann)
No more asking, time to be the change (Sahffi Lynne)

Bullets flying
Leaders lying
Stop the violence
End the silence NOW


RAP (Jamaal "Black Root" Collier):
We gotta stand up, fight for our community
Gotta do it together because it takes you and me
Each one, teach one, speak for actions fluently
Me and you united, yeah, that’s unity
It doesn’t matter that the fight is long
Everybody build to make everyone strong
We gotta do it together, we gotta stand tall
We gotta work for better, and we’ll never fall

Hunger burning
People hurting
Stop the violence
End the silence NOW



released April 16, 2016
Aileen Sabira, www.aileensabira.com
Andrew Walen, www.andrewwalen.com
Brooks Long, www.brookslong.com
Deborah “Spice” Kleinmann, www.spicesings.com
Jamaal “Black Root” Collier, blackroot1.bandcamp.com
Janice Buerkli, www.janicebmusic.com
Mosno Al-Moseeki, mosno.net
QueenEarth (M. Smith), www.queenearth.com
Quinton Randall, www.quintonrandall.com
Sahffi Lynne, www.sahffi.com
Samira Ghazi-Tehrani, hadeesedel.wordpress.com
Sonia Rutstein, www.soniadisappearfear.com
Teporah, www.reverbnation.com/teporah
Tina Camara (Ria Lillie), www.reverbnation.com/tinacamaratwistedgoddess
Woody Lissauer. www.woodysongs.com

Mark Stocker of 430 Entertainment Studios.

Studio band:
Drums - Quincy Phillips
Bass - Vernon Prout, Andrew Walen
Guitars - Tom Hemby (Nashville TN)
Piano and Percussion - Mark Stocker
Organ - H. "Buddy" Lakins, Jr.
Horns Arranged by MoHorns : Marvin Thompson, Will Spence, Theljon Allen
Solo Tenor Sax: Clarence Ward III

Lead Vocalists (in order of appearance):
QueenEarth, Ria Lillie, Woody Lissauer, Brooks Long, Aileen Sabira, SONiA, Andrew Walen, Janice B., Teporah, Mosno Al-Moseeki, Deborah “Spice” Kleinmann, Sahffi Lynne, Jamaal “Black Root” Collier

Aileen Sabira, Andrew Walen, Elise Major, Mosno Al-Moseeki, Ria Lillie, Robin Hodson, Robyn Jacobs, Sahffi Lynne. Sharon Lee Tu, Shelly Work, Traci Zeligman Nadolny, Woody Lissauer


Thank you to Mark Stocker for donating all studio and producer time and fees to the project. Your talent has taken this project to another level, thank you for your dedication. www.430entgroup.com

Thank you to The Living Well for donating the space to create the song. Truly a beautiful community space: livewellbemore.com

Thank you to Tiffany Welch for continuing to support the young men of #SaveADopeBoy. We honor your work and the work of Derrick “OOH” Jones. www.saveadopeboy.com

Thank you to our visual artists: Edward Williams for the Baltimore #Song4Unity digital artwork; Bonnie Schupp, Tim Prendergast and Jennifer White-Torres for donating your amazing photography for the project; and Tom Kessler for donating your videography talent to the project.

Thank you Andrew Walen and family for opening up your beautiful home for rehearsals and meetings.

Thank you to Bill Patrick and Steve Conaway for your contributions to the project.

Thank you to ALL the songwriters, vocalists and musicians on this project! The sharing of your gift and your dedication to LOVE and UNITY will ring through our city and beyond!

With Love and Gratitude to you all,
- Sahffi



all rights reserved


#Song4Unity Baltimore, Maryland

15 Baltimore Songwriters and over 50 people volunteered and donated their time and talent to create this song for UNITY for our community. All proceeds to benefit #SaveADopeBoy.

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